Paxton Net10

It interfaces with your existing building infrastructure to control lighting, heating, air conditioning, intruder and fire alarms.
The system comprises a web-based user interface for easy building management and a selection of discreet hardware.

What is Building Intelligence?

Building intelligence encompasses security, energy efficiency and building automation on a single platform. Paxton net10 building intelligence is based on powerful technology and has been designed to be automatically field upgradeable as additional functionality is added over time.


  • the fully integrated system delivers out of the box access control, IP video management and building automation, whilst interfacing with your intruder and fire alarms
  • data and battery back-up, ensuring system integrity
  • powerful site graphics engine, for the visual management of a building
  • secure remote access capability outside of the LAN


  • simple installation and configuration
  • highly intuitive user interface
  • powerful and flexible building automation hardware and software
  • scalable for a range of sites, with a practical modular design
  • new multi-format token readers – making the administration of users easier than ever before

Energy efficiency

  • intelligently control appliances within a building, helping to manage energy usage efficiently
  • Paxton net10 utilises the available PoE network for its power
  • cost effective, designed to use as little energy as possible

DS Security are a Paxton net10 Platinum partner which recognises we have the best system training and product knowledge.

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