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Managed Firewalls

Here at Networking2000, we can keep your systems running at their best while we work to protect your business from unnecessary harm.

Our reliable, robust managed firewalls will stop intruders and unwanted traffic from penetrating your network and its systems, ensuring complete peace of mind for you and your staff at all times.

Our managed firewalls also allow you to block access to certain websites, and restrict access to sites and applications that could be harmful to your network.

Why invest in a managed firewall?

There are endless benefits to introducing a managed firewall to your network.

  • Defend your systems from the latest and greatest security threats
  • Get maximum protection from antivirus, antispyware, web content filtering and spam filtering
  • We’ll manage ongoing firmware updates on your behalf
  • Your network will be fully configured for maximum performance and uptime

To discuss setting up a managed firewall for your business in Essex or London, contact Networking2000 on 0800 074 3788. Our friendly engineers are always on hand to run you through your options.

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