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Intruder Alarms

At Networking2000, we fully understand the unique challenges that come with protecting your business from unauthorised access. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to bring our customers high performance, cost-effective intruder alarm systems that are tailored to their requirements.
With the use of fully integrated intruder detection technology, we can help protect your premises and those onsite. Our intruder monitoring service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for maximum security.

Standard intruder alarm

  • Package starts from only £495 + VAT.Grade 2 or 3 system insurance approved
  • Insurance company-approved installation
  • 24 hour monitored protection
  • GPRS and IP signalling options available
  • Anti-mask detection devices available
  • Suitable for all commercial premises, including offices and warehouses
  • Installed and maintained by our highly trained engineers
  • Free security consultation

Wireless intruder alarm

  • Grade 2 systems
  • Insurance company-approved installation
  • 868MHz secure radio frequency
  • 24 hour monitored protection
  • GPRS signalling available
  • Suitable for smaller commercial premises
  • Quick and easy installation process
  • Installed and maintained by our skilled engineers
  • Free security consultation

Package starts from only £495 + VAT.

Visually verified intruder alarm

  • Grade 2 system
  • Visual confirmation
  • Military grade radio frequency between devices
  • Cellular communication to ARC
  • Battery powered – no mains power needed
  • Video clips reviewed by skilled ARC operators and appropriate action taken
  • Quick installation
  • Flexible short-term hire plans
  • Ideal protection for construction sites and vacant properties

Package starts from only £399 + VAT.

Bringing innovative intruder alarm systems to Essex and London

Every business has different needs, which is why our alarm systems are individually tailored to provide the greatest protection. From innovative window sensors and magnet contacts to the latest developments in movement and vibration detection technology, we will find the ideal blend of intruder alarm equipment to help your business remain secure.

The intruder alarms from Networking2000 can be remotely monitored thanks to our dedicated alarm receiving centre, helping you to meet police and insurance standards.

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