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Calls and Lines

The telecoms industry can be a minefield. With so many packages and options available, it can be difficult and exhausting to compare other options against your current bills. We prefer to offer a simplistic view of telecoms with to-the-point phone call charges and full itemised billing. We can safely say that the majority of our customers do make significant savings when they switch to our call packages and leased line packages.
We offer a free audit of your current bills with absolutely no obligation to buy. We can identify where you can make savings. If you then decide to go ahead, the transfer of your calls and lines to PCL is seamless without any disruption to your service.

Phone Calls

Our phone line services include the following as standard:-

Per second billing – Unlike some of our competitors, we will only bill you for the time you spend on the call. This is done by billing on a per second basis rather than rounding calls to the nearest whole minute. It is one of many ways we want to ensure our billing is as clear and simple as possible.

Free itemised billing – Numerous paper bills make it a logistical nightmare to determine the true spend of an organisation on call traffic. Furthermore, they would make it almost impossible to produce any form of accurate call management report. The advantage of a digital bill is that it removes the need to file and wade through pages of call data, providing the required data almost instantaneously at the touch of a button.

No minimum charge – We have found on average the call length of a customer call is around 2-3 minutes. By not paying a minimum call charge, you can easily save up to 35% on your phone bill before you consider the saving on our low call costs.

No minimum call spend – We do not force any of our customers to reach minimum call commitments. This means that both residential and business talk customers can benefit from our low cost calls, no matter how large or small your phone bill is.

Line Rental

Our line rental options can provide your business in Essex or London with not only significant cost savings; they can provide you with greater flexibility and higher standards of support. We are able to supply the three main types of line (PSTN, ISDN2e, ISDN30e), either as a transfer or as a new installation. We provide the same full range of services matching those provided by BT Retail and are confident that we will be able to save you around 10% on your line rentals.


Networking2000 are resellers of O2 & Vodafone, which are widely accepted as the UK mobile network operators best suited to meeting business user requirements. We have access to all network direct tariff plans and services within the public domain, in addition to bespoke tariff plans and services specifically designed to meet our customers’ requirements.

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