Wireless Networks

Now, wireless networks are powering business communication for many organisations throughout the UK.
Enabling connection stability, complete portability and optimum productivity, wireless is the way to go if you run an adaptable, fast-paced company.

The benefits of investing in a wireless network

The commercial wireless networks installed and maintained by Networking2000 are:

  • Fast – to keep your business moving
  • Stable – to keep your team connected 24/7
  • Secure – to make sure your network stays free from threats
  • Controllable and centrally managed – you can view access points on your plan and manage peer usage in real-time
  • Configured for both internal and guest internet access using different broadband lines (if necessary)

Prior to the install of any new wireless network, our experienced staff will gain a thorough understanding of what you want to achieve from your infrastructure so we can recommend the best technology, and the best network package, for the job. We have installed and maintained a large volume of wireless networks in Essex and London, delivering consistent support and advice to help our customers make the most of their setup. To learn more about the range of wireless networking solutions available from Networking2000, call our expert engineers today on 0800 0743788.

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