IT Back-up & Disaster Recovery

When it comes to IT back-up and disaster recovery, very few providers can rival our expertise or our price.
We provide a robust and flexible back-up solution for even the most complex data environments. If you are looking for business continuity, disaster recovery planning and PC, data and server back-up, for an affordable fixed monthly fee – look no further.

Delivering effective managed back-up and disaster recovery plans

We will work with you to create the right plan for your company that fits with your existing infrastructure and budget, then do the rest of the work for you.

Back-up designed for small and large companies

Many small companies haven’t thought about back-up and disaster recovery – or have had it on their ‘to do’ list for months or even years! All companies have critical data, and loss of this data can result in significant downtime; in many cases, this kind of disaster could also lead to financial damage or business failure. So, don’t delay this any longer. Request a FREE back -up and disaster recovery audit from our engineers today. Whether you’re a small company employing fewer than five people or a large corporate, we can adapt our managed backup service to meet your needs.

What’s on offer?

We offer fast disaster recovery, minimised downtime and business continuity. Our service includes: • Day to day data, SQL, Exchange email, CRM and other critical data back-ups • Off-site back-up • Daily back-ups or back-up every 30 minutes for FSA regulated companies • Data storage for up to five years When it comes to price you can rely on Networking2000 to keep it transparent and affordable. We charge a simple monthly fee based on the speed of recovery required and volume of data you protect. You won’t be penalised for backing-up extra servers, remote sites or databases, as there are no software licence costs. Although our fee is fixed, we remain flexible and adapt to your needs, so we will review the fee when your data requirements or speed of recovery needs change. Ask us to implement a robust back up and disaster recovery solution for your company now and avoid the hassle of your systems going down without backup or recovery plans in place. With engineers across the South of England, we are well placed to provide managed backup services and disaster recovery services to businesses within Essex and London. Request a FREE no obligation trial today. Contact us on 0800 074 3788.

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