Mobile Calls

Despite the benefits of business mobiles, if you’re not on a well-managed call plan, the associated tariffs can really start to add up.
Here at Networking2000, we have designed a range of business mobile solutions that offer much more cost-effective ways to stay connected. We can carry out a full review of your current mobile plan and come up with new options that will save you money and improve the level of service you receive.

The Features of our Business Mobile Packages

  • Per second billing – you’ll only get billed for the precise amount of time you’re on the call
  • Free itemised billing – to facilitate accurate call management reports
  • No minimum charge – saving you money on shorter calls!
  • No minimum call spend – no need to commit to a flat rate

Networking2000 offers an excellent range of mobile call packages for businesses in Essex and London. We can even tailor our service to meet your unique requirements. For more information, please call us now on 0800 074 3788.

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