Fast Server Recovery

For over 10 years our managed backup & disaster recovery service has been keeping our clients up and running through various levels of disaster situations.
We also provide a range of services including Data Protection to help make your IT infrastructure secure and robust, to help provide our clients with complete peace of mind. Our proactive approach to supporting our clients means that we can build relationships of trust and give our clients the confidence that their IT is being handled by professionals.

Protect business data and information

Our managed disaster recovery and backup service provides a disk based facility for backing up and restoring critical systems and data. Fully managed through Networking2000’s Management Control Centre, this service provides a solution for the rapid backup and restoration of full systems, individual files, or Microsoft Exchange Data, both locally and off-site. Our backup service eliminates the need for spending countless hours managing and manipulating your backup process. To help ensure your peace of mind, we operate a ‘we fit, you forget’ policy, so whether it’s a complete server room data loss scenario, or simply one individual file, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe with our backup and recovery service.


Based upon the volume of your data and the number of servers that need protecting, Networking2000 installs an Image GateWay Server (or servers) (IGWS) on your local area network that will typically snapshot data nightly. Snapshot frequency can be increased for systems with a shorter recovery point objective (RPO).


Once the data has been copied, it is then transported via a secure Virtual Pin Network (VPN) to Networking2000’s Image Data Centre (IDC). Whilst it’s located in the IDC, your data is encrypted with a VPN so there’s no need to worry about unauthorised parties being able to view or company data.


The backup or snapshot procedure is automated nightly and then checked by a Management Control Centre (MCC) Operator each day to ensure that the right amount of data has been captured, copied and secured through to the IDC.


Data can be restored from the local Image GateWay Server (IGWS) or the IDC network by Networking2000’s Management Control Centre (MCC) Operator; providing the company with excellent depth of restore.

Data Retention

The Data Retention policy is defined by the customer and backups are held on the local IGWS (Online Backup) and IDCS (Near line Backup).

Disaster recovery

Our product provides a fully managed Disaster Recovery solution for critical Information Systems in the event of a disaster.

Rapid Systems Recovery – Local

All data is backed up to the local IGWS, and in the event of your onsite server failing, we can quickly build an image for the last backup. This image is then mounted using a virtualisation product, which allows us to bring up your server in a virtual environment, as well as repair your failed server. Once repairs have been completed, we can begin the process of switching back to your original server.

Rapid Systems Recovery – Remote

In the event of a disaster, all your data is backed up to the local IGWS then replicated to the server in our MCC. Networking2000 can then quickly build an image from the most recent backup, and this image can then be mounted using a virtualisation product, allowing us to bring up your server at our MCC in a virtual environment. Any records pointing to your office are then also replicated so that they point to our host centre, which ensures that you can continue to send and receive emails. This enable users to go to their home or a serviced office and access your server remotely, allowing business to not be interrupted. When your site disaster has been resolved we can then begin the process of switching your live data back to your onsite server. Rather than having a high upfront investment to provide these services, both the local and remote Rapid System Recovery services can be provided for a low monthly charge.

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