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Making sure that information is available to staff and customers as and when they need it is vital for the smooth-running of a business – and often, the responsibility for this lies at the feet of the IT department. This is why it’s crucial that your data archiving process are efficient.
Networking2000 offers a hierarchical storage management solution that can be easily integrated into your current Windows or Linux system environment.

Archive Data

Unrivalled scalability Regardless of your company’s size, you’ll find that our data archiving solution is freely scalable from several terabytes to multiple petabytes, ensuring that our support can grow with your business. Use varying hardware components Our solution allows you to use a range of hardware components from all of the major manufacturers, whether they be performance disks, archive disks, or open format, LTO-based tape archives. Only pay for what you need Our solutions are extremely cost-effective, as you only ever pay for the capacity required. If your storage requirements increase, this capacity can be scaled up as you desire. Open interface The Networking2000 archive solution presents a standard filesystem interface, using CIFS or NFS to communicate with the archive. Unlike many other archive systems, no proprietary API is required to access data. Independent from applications Our solution guarantees that existing and future archiving products will be compatible with products from independent software manufacturers. A wide variety of applications – including DMS, email, files, audio, video and PACS – are supported, and our list of certified archive applications is always growing. Offering full transparency Our solution is designed to maintain the standard file system directory structure, which means that all users can access their data in the same way as they have done before. Similarly, applications that are connected directly to the archive will continue to operate as normal. Storage pool options Networking2000 utilizes both disk-based systems and magnetic tapes to meet the data needs of all and any organizations. You can combine your archive media to create a fully customized storage solution with any combination, including disk/disk; disk/tape; tape/tape; disk/tape/disk; disk/tape/tape. Exceptional data security Even if you have multiple copies of your data saved locally and/or remotely, you can rest assured that your information is fully secure. Metadata is stored in a redundant system, so we can recover it quickly if we need to. Audit-compliant The integrated WORM file system fulfils all compliance requirements like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and can also be complemented by unchangeable LTO WORM tapes.

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