Wired Cabled Alarms

Deter intruders with a permanent security solution in the form of a wired, cabled alarm.

Networking2000 specialises in installing and maintaining all manner of wired cabled alarm systems. Offering fast, affordable installations and a variety of maintenance packages, we bring wired intruder alarms to all kinds of organisations in the Essex and London areas.

There are a range of advantages of installing wired alarms

The latest alarm systems from Networking2000 are:

• Reliable
• Affordable for businesses of all sizes
• Suitable for larger sites
• Not susceptible to interference
• Simple to install
• Low maintenance
• Durable and designed to last!

Plus, should your alarms need to be repaired, the replacement parts are normally cheaper than those of wireless systems.

For advice on the latest wired cabled intruder alarms, contact the engineers at Networking2000 today on 0800 0743788. We’ll also be able to supply you with pricing information.

We also offer wireless alarm systems, which may be better suited to your premises.