Phone Calls

Choosing the right business phone package can be tricky. After all, you need to make sure you’re getting a professional, reliable service at a rate that fits comfortably into your communications budget.

We know that one of the core goals of any business is to spend as little as possible on their business phone bills to keep overheads down, which is why, at Networking2000, we’re committed to keeping telecoms simple and cost-effective. We keep call charges as straightforward as possible, and we offer full itemised billing to help you compare our tariffs with those of other providers.

You’ll also find that our business phone call packages will offer greater flexibility and more comprehensive support than those offered by many other companies.

In summary, you’ll get:

• Cost-efficient call solutions that offer better value for money
• Per second billing
• Free itemised billing
• No minimum charge
• No minimum call spend

We also offer excellent deals on business mobiles.

We primarily service businesses throughout Essex and London, but can also offer our excellent phone packages to organisations throughout the UK. For cheap calls at highly competitive fees, get in touch with Networking2000 today on 0800 0743788.